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Hollywood Nude Photo Day: You need a type of Android phone protection app

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From Hollywood nude photo event, we recognized that we should do something for our privacy photos. How to protect your photos? Read this article.
In September 1, explosive news from Hollywood comes, many stars including Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna, Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, Victoria justice, Kate Upton and many other Hollywood stars’ private nude photos were leaked by hackers. These photos earliest were leaked in the American discussion version of 4Chan, the publisher alleged that these photos were leaked after the hackers attacked multiple iCloud accounts, currently multiple actresses confirmed the authenticity of these photos on Twitter and condemned hackers and publishers.

No matter how the situation developed, the Hollywood actress nude photos leak incident alarm smartphone users of privacy security again, but Android phones whose security is worse than that of iPhone are more worthy of attention. Now I’ll introduce five useful Android encryption apps to you.

With rampant distribution of Android platform malware and Trojans, it’s imperative to take measures to secure smart phones. Although the Android system itself has a basic protection measure such as password lock screen, many users do not want to bother to set the input PIN code or pattern slide unlock method, which leads to the circumstance that when the mobile phone gets lost all application data is exposed.

Currently there are a lot of Android application encryption apps emerging in the official Google Play market:

1. APPlock

Applock is easy to use. After installation you can find all installed apps in the interface, choose all or part of them to encrypt. You can use password or graphical slide to lock and unlock the programs. You can even encrypt functions such as receiving calls or app installation /uninstallation.

2. Smart App Protector

Different from AppLock, Smart App Protector includes more features. With it, you can take a snapshot by front camera for illegal persons who attempt to unlock the phone; it also supports multiple unlock methods (code, graphics unlock and gesture unlock), and support SMS remote control mode to unlock.

3. Perfect App Protector

Perfect App Protector

This application adds some useful features, such as "hidden" mode that makes APP disappear from the start screen. Furthermore, Perfect App Protector is similar to other apps, which can automatically obtain the system highest authority to prevent illegal uninstallation.

4. Visidon Applock

Visidon Applock characteristic feature is adopting facial recognition technology to protect the app, after the trial, this function’s response speed and accuracy is good.

5. Smart Lock

Compared with other APP locking apps, Smart Lock adds protection support for specific media files (such as certain photo or video) or folder and contacts, for people who need data and privacy protection but have to share mobile media with other people, this app is indispensable.

Apart from computer folder password protection, now people must pay more attention to smart phone data protection.

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