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How Does COVID-19 Propel In-Silico Drug Discovery Market?

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In 2021, the in-silico drug discovery market stood at $2,331.8 million, and it is expected to grow at a rate of 10.4% from 2021 to 2030, to generate $5,682.3 million revenue by 2030, attributed to the technological advancements in computational biology, rising focus on minimizing the medication errors, and surge in usage of cloud-based applications in drug delivery.
In the field of biomedicine, in-silico drug design can be utilized for drug development at all stages, including preclinical discoveries, and late-stage clinical development. Such methods also provide support in selecting the most-potent lead molecule to prevent late-stage clinical failures and hence minimize waste expenditure.

Moreover, COVID-19 required massive research of various types of molecules to understand the virus morphology to prevent its spread with a reliable solution to cure it. It involved numerous attempts to develop computational drug design to target the main SARS-CoV2 protease by performing the virtual screening of natural compound databases and millions of molecules after docking. Therefore, such numerous efforts positively impacted the market to discover the right drugs for the COVID-19 cure.

The rise in use of the cloud-based applications drives the in-silico drug discovery market, ascribed to enable access to virtually unlimited computational resources facilitating the pharmaceutical researchers to increase or decrease the computing environment as per requirement. It provides an ease to companies in the modification of solutions as per their requirements. For example, the cloud computes the life sciences platform of BT and can easily supply pharmaceutical applications throughout the value chain to ensure necessary applications functions across pipelines.

Artificial intelligence captures a significant in-silico drug discovery market share, of 40%, under the technology segment, led by digital penetration resulting in the proliferation of the healthcare sector and increase usage of AI to collect, analyze and utilize the information to resolve complex clinical problems. Moreover, AI imitates human intelligence and can identify the hit and lead compounds to enable quick structural design optimization and therapeutic target validation. It also enables the effective use of various stages of drug delivery such as chemical synthesis, drug design, polypharmacology, and drug screening.

The usage of SaaS products is expected to experience the fastest growth in the near future in the in-silico drug discovery market due to software solutions supporting users in data analysis, decision making, and data mining by offering real-world data management, decentralization, and numerous other functionalities. Moreover, they support reducing the cost and duration involved in the drug discovery process. Furthermore, the wide adoption of the SaaS led to virtual screening and fishing targeting in the procedure of drug discovery.

North America acquires the largest in-silico drug discovery market share, of 45%, on account of the extreme requirement for the treatment of rare diseases such as Lou Gehrig's and cystic fibrosis diseases. In addition, an increase in investment in research & development activities in biopharmaceutical companies in the U.S. also expands the market. The surge in the market is also led by the development of an effective network between the manufacturers and service providers. Moreover, the U.S. FDA has also supported the flexible regulatory pathway development.

Therefore, the market proliferation is caused by the increased use of AI and cloud-based technologies in the healthcare sector.

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