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How do malicious ads make use of large ads networks to proliferate random ware?

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How do malicious ads make use of large ads networks to proliferate random ware? Malicious ad attack becomes more and more in our daily life we should to do something to prevent spyware or malicious software invading into computer system.
Blue Coat Systems, Inc. recently discovered a malicious ad attack, which used and other large legal ads networks to conduct CryptoWall blackmail. In malicious advertising attacks, cyber criminals obtained legal position for its ads servers in ads networks, and then sent malicious ads to high-profile sites. These ads seem to be legal, actually they send malware or other malicious software to users.

WebPulse threat research team's architect Chris Larsen said:" When cybercriminals successfully gained trust from major advertising networks (such as, those seemingly small malicious ads attacks were able to quickly attack and become even more remarkable. Ads servers connected to each other and potential attackers were easy to obtain trust, which bring more malicious advertisings to flawed security model, allowing users to be exposed to stealing personal, financial and credential information ransom ware and other malicious software. "

During this time, security search staffs at Blue Coat security researchers tracked the malicious traffic related to CryptoWall blackmail activities. CryptoWall is a Trojan horse, it will encrypt all types of files, by which users who wanted to retrieve the files will be blackmailed. When research team investigated the origin of traffic flowed to malicious sites, they found a series of sites in India, Burma, Indonesia and France and some other countries.

Apart from sites in different languages and countries, this research team also found is the site that's pointed from malicious networks. When they found the site sent traffic to another malicious network rather than to any legitimate sites, Blue Coat security research staffs marked it as malicious ads. also got traffic from at least two other suspicious ad servers ( and It also got traffic through and other legitimate advertising networks.

To prevent spyware or malicious software invading into your computer system, firstly you mustn't casually click on ads showing in sites; in addition to, you need to install basic Internet security software such as anti-virus software, firewall, and anti-spy ware on your computer. In spite of incidents mentioned above, malware or Trojan generally breaks into your system through some certain porn, violent sites, to prevent their invasion, parents need to install some parental control tool to filter such kind of sites.

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