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Young People Can't Stop Using their Devices

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It's no secret that most people are dependent on their phones. All you have to do is look around an urban area for a few minutes and you see thousands of people with eyes fixated on their small devices.
It’s no secret that most people are dependent on their phones. All you have to do is look around an urban area for a few minutes and you see thousands of people with eyes fixated on their small devices.

Of course, like with most technology, young people are quicker to adopt change than anyone else. What’s really interesting however is what’s happening to 20-somethings at work. Although typically thought to be somewhat lazy by the preceding generation, this demographic has actually shown to the contrary that they’re able to work as hard, if not harder, than anyone.

Combine Internet, phone and tablet addiction with good work ethic and voila, you give them a perfect excuse to not turn their devices off and continue working. Even if a 20-something white collar worker isn’t really that engaged with their technology, others are and they increase the caliber of competition by working after hours. Studies even show that this group works on vacation. And the competitive aspect of that means these habits bleed into older generations, to a lesser extent. More than half of the US workforce uses their phones or tablets as communication devices today and younger employees have actually said that they feel guilty when not working after hours, checking and replying to emails on vacation and even taking all their vacation days. The result is a work-focused knowledge economy in which everyone is accessible and it seems everyone is always working.

Where in the past an email reply turn-around of three or four days seemed appropriate, these days, it can seem like an eternity and a completely inappropriate delay, particularly for something that only requires a short answer. Regardless of the immediate effect, the fact of the matter is that most people are deeply digitally connected today and they’re looking for any excuse to engage even more in their phones, laptops and tablets. The effect this is having on most workplaces is interesting. If nothing else, this is causing huge growth in the production of content on the Internet, but what’ll be really curious to observe are the long term effects of this trend. It doesn’t take much to come to the conclusion that the line between work and play will be blurred further.

But how? Well, we’ll certainly see hobbyists turn into professionals, increased specialization, more auto-didactic workers and continued growth in not only the entrepreneur trend but also the rise intrapreneurs (who are essentially contractors that receive recurring work from a large organization, behaving as a part of it). For the parents among us being able to see what our child is up to and being able to intervene is crucial, installing a key logger on and iPhone is problematic but you could at least do it on their computer keystroke logger mac is perfect for that being able to, being able to see screenshots, web key log and activity, chat log allows you to search for dangerous activity without your child getting the feeling he is loosing his independency.

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